Lost Property

Sweeping up at the end of a busy, boozy Friday night, I happen across a half set of false teeth nestled amongst the fag ends and crisp crumbs. An unusal find which raises the awkward question of should we keep them, where and how? They are paraded, rinsed and stored. A brave but somewhat embarrassed regular customer comes in days later to announce, with a lisp, that he has mislaid some of his teeth. How fortunate that we kept them in a glass of soda water under the bar for this eventuality. But most strange that said customer reveals, upon inspection & fitting of the found item, that they weren't his!

Portraits of me by them & them by me.

Ben works long hours but when he's finished he likes to play pool & drink Stella. He doesn't like photos but he does like Arsenal football club. Of that we are all certain.

Portraits of Billy

by Patricia, 26yr old pscychology student
I asked people at the pub to do portraits of me for a change. I also asked them why they came here, where they would be if they were'nt here and if it mattered what the portraits looked like?
by Wayne, 26yr old pub manager by Simon, 41 yr old train driver

by Joe, 28yr old licensee

Newqui Dave

Frank aka Stig of the Dump